Is Your Logo Harming Your Company?

Is Your Logo Harming Your Company?

For any hard working business owner, your logo is considered a discernible symbol of your company. Since it carries your name, you have to make sure that it provides users with a snapshot of your core values, mission, and of course grab attention. Although we all like to think that we do such a great job with visual representation, not all business owners are lucky. Often, they create a logo that they think will attract customers, but they end up sending the wrong impression.

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Now, we want to ask you, do you think that your logo is hurting the status of your company? Take note: your logo is your identifier. Therefore, it has to be more than just eye-catching, but it has to give valuable meaning to your company. If you are not sure if you are characterizing yourself correctly, we have a few questions in this article that we would like you to ask yourself. You may want to consider these so that it will be easy to make changes if needed.



Does your logo translate the message the way you think it does?

Yes, we all know that designing a logo can be a personal struggle, especially for business owners who are not experienced with this sort of thing. Would you do this on your own? Do you have the capacity and the patience to design a logo?


Typically, we would leave the designing to experts who can correctly transfer your thoughts onto paper, otherwise, this job can be a massive pain in the neck if you are inexperienced. Designing a logo is like giving birth to a baby, it needs nurturing, care and of course careful preparation. With that being said, it is crucial that you fall in love with your logo and you believe in its power to represent your company.


But do not make the mistake of moving forward with the design you have in mind until you have sought approval and feedback from your other partners. It is very possible to overlook mistakes, even when it doesn’t seem obvious to you.


Is your logo easy to recognize and identify?


Let us give you a scenario, if a customer does not understand your logo in the first five minutes, do you think it will work in the long run? Remember, your logo should be bold, and should be easy to understand quickly. Here is another scenario, when you mention a fast food joint like McDonald’s, Burger King, Starbucks, etc. what is the first thing that comes to mind? It’s the logo, yes?


Your logo needs to have the same instant recall. Brands like Nike, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Apple etc. only have one thing in common, and that is brand recognition. All of these companies make this a priority, which is why it is so easy for consumers to recall them.


Take this as a learning curve from these successful companies. Come up with something that is recognizable, memorable, and something that you will be able to identify as your own.


Is your logo starting to look outdated and timeless?

Who here thinks that their logo will stand the test of time, and last forever? If you believe that is precisely what is going to happen to yours, then you are in for a rude awakening.


The sad reality is, no logo will last forever. In the design world, that is considered a fairy tale. Why? It’s because design elements can go in and out of style. So, what is your business goal now?  Easy! You have to make a logo that will be able to go with all kinds of future trends with only minimal updates to be current. Remember, even the most famous, timeless, and best logos need an overhaul once in a while. Your logo might have looked amazing back in the day, but is that still the case now?



Is your logo difficult or concise?


What is another thing that you notice with brand logos? Could it be the color? The style? Or is it the fact that most brand logos do not need visual language to create brand identity?

Keep Your Logo Simple and Easy

What do we mean by this? We mean that the best logos now a days are those that communicate their identity through the use of one-liners. Take E-Bay for example, this brand is just one word, it doesn’t tell you much about what the company does, but the logo contains a small shopping cart. Boom! And there you go! Effective branding!


Let’s look at another example, like the original Starbucks logo. It’s the complete opposite in simplicity as the E-Bay logo. It used to be a big brown mess with a double-tailed, scaly mermaid and too much going on all around. Over the years, the company has made numerous changes thus resulting in a softer green color and a streamlined easy to see image.


Never underestimate the power of simplicity. It can do wonders for your brand and can speak for itself at times. If you are planning to redesign or design your logo and your designer presents you with a simple concept, do not shrug off the idea. Making the mistake of confusing simplicity with a logo that is bland or common happens too many times. Yes, we know that just coming up with the idea of a simple design is hard in itself, but it is indeed a very useful way to promote your company.

Ask yourself these questions when planning to redesign your company’s logo.

Okay, so here is the bottom line: do you think that your logo appeals to anyone else but you? It can be a painful question to ask yourself, but the revenue that you can reap from better recognition will soothe the already painful sting.

All these questions that we think you should be asking yourself will be the best way for you to figure out what you are doing wrong. We can guarantee that after you go through the storm, your brand will start firing up again.

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